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MgO Crucibles

High Density, Fine Grained Crucibles from 99.4% MgO
  • Better chemical resistance than alumina
  • Inert to most metals and slags
  • Use temperatures up to +2200 C
MgO Crucibles

Molten Metal Alloy Processing  

Often superior to Al2O3 based ceramics
Resistant to attack by metals and slags
Compatible with nickel-based superalloys
Proven performance with plutonium/uranium refining

High Temp Ceramic Superconductor materials  
Resistant to attack
Non-contaminating to 1, 2, 3 materials
Perovskite structure compatibility

Piezoelectric Materials Processing  
Resistant to lead based materials
Helps maintain lead content in PLZT

Substitute for Al203 ware  
Favorable cost
Higher chemical purity

  Many sizes are available from stock.  

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